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Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Have you guys tried the bump app before? It is a file sharing app that lets you share files between smart phones. It started modestly as a way to exchange your own contact information between two phones, and grew until it can even share multiple files.

Among other files that can be transferred are social network pages (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn), photos, other people's contact (with pictures) and even files in your smartphones that is 20mb and lower.

It works like magic. All you have to do is to turn on your Internet, may it be 4G, 3G or even Wi-Fi, and turn on approximate or precise location to make the transfer. Following is the video that might help you understand how it works.

With the new updates, now bump can also work with computers. You can now transfer files from a smartphone to a computer and vice versa. No more wires, bluetooth, IR (anyone still using this?) needed to transfer files between a smartphone and a computer. Here is an instruction video about it.

It's like magic. I was pretty amazed when I first tried to bump between phones, and left with awe when the first time I used it to transfer a phone to a computer. When I demonstrated to my friend on how it works, he said "how did they do it? how? how?".

However, after reading FAQs and everything, it all makes sense. Why didn't I think of it before. The app is very original and very very useful. It diminishes the purpose to add NFC onto a phone (unless you want to use NFC for payment of course).

Google has recently bought bump and bump CEO has announced the joining on 16 September 2013. I wonder what Google can add to the table. Perhaps Google Maps, Google+? Here are the links for those who wants to try bump. Android (link) and iOS (link).

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