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Monday, 21 October 2013

Retina-like and Touchscreen Combo

With all the advancement in the technology nowadays, a high spec computer can be sold to people affordably. Lots of things can be included into a laptop, and now almost all computer maker company has one. 

The shrinking of storage, the ability to sense human touch, the portability and of course the shrinking of the pixels even a 20/20 vision people couldn't differentiate a pixel. These technology, combined with Windows 8 touch control friendly user interface has lead to the born of the Ultrabooks.

Above 3 examples are the ultrabooks with retina-like display and a touch screen ability. They are among the best Windows Ultrabooks around. Several years ago, Apple dazzles us with MacBook Air with the machine's size. Nowadays, with all these sleek choices put in front of users, one would forget about a MacBook Air altogether.

In my opinion however, there is a oxymoronic features that these Windows ultrabooks offer. They are touchscreen combined with retina-like display. For me, these two features are great on their own, but not a good idea if they're combined together. 

Imagine a crisp no weird pixel visible screen, and then you put your oily or sweaty fingers on it to touch the icons. It'll certainly leaves a mark, and might even enlarges the pixel and make it visible to the eye. Well, that's just not retina to me. 

Yes there are a lot of material available that leaves no smudge on the screen. However, that usually left to a matte display, which again doesn't fit the purpose and enlarges and distorts those fine pixels. Well, these two technology just don't mix, not without some other new technology of course. 

This is another example of companies pushing technologies into consumers without thinking properly about the user experience. It's just not right. In my opinion, for the time being people should choose either one of the technology. Unless you don't care about smudges on a retina-like screen. Then, by all means, go and buy one. 

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