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Monday, 14 October 2013

Top 50 Gadgets Briton Couldn't Live Without

There are a lot of gadgets developed through times. These gadgets have been there for so long that people has taken them for granted. I myself always thought that the most important gadget would be my smartphone followed closely by my laptop, and that's about it. 

Well I'm obviously wrong. Seems that people has managed to do a questionnaire, and now they got the results. Top 50 gadgets that Britons couldn't live without. What a surprise, smartphones and laptop computer are number 33 and 34. Let's take a look at the list.

Top 50 gadgets 

1. Cork screw / bottle opener
2. The optical lens
3. The zip fastener
4. The cigarette lighter
5. The light bulb
6. The vacuum flask
7. The telephone
8. The wrist watch
9. The gas cooker
10. The car

11. The ball point pen
12. The washing machine
13. The camera
14. The fridge freezer
15. The lawn mower
16. The vinyl record player
17. Radio
18. The elevator
19. Central heating
20. The electric iron

21. Double glazing
22. The vacuum cleaner
23. Air conditioning
24. The hairdryer
25. The power shower
26. The toaster
27. Television
28. The credit / debit card
29. The cassette tape
30. The vibrator

31. The calculator
32. The electric shaver
33. The mobile phone
34. The computer
35. The food mixer
36. The laptop
37. The mouse
38. The dishwasher
39. The DVD player
40. The electric kettle

41. Sat nav
42. Hair straighteners / curling tongues
43. The remote control
44. The compact disc
45. The internet
46. The microwave oven
47. The games console
48. The flat screen TV
49. The MP3 player
50. The tablet computer

Do you agree with the list? If you're not a Briton, what would be your list?

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