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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Ubuntu Touch Released

Ubuntu Touch for smartphones has been launched. That adds to the smartphone OS race, and might add to more choices for the end users. Like its PC counterpart, the Ubuntu Touch is an open source, and supported by Canonical.

Some call it Ubuntu Touch, but on their website, there isn't any sign that the operating system is going to be called Touch. Maybe they wanted to steer away from confusion if Ubuntu for the PC decides to make a computer OS for touch.

Basically what Ubuntu is trying to do here is to combine the two gadgets that people always use, the smartphone and the computer. That is a good intention, but not many people know how to change their phone OS, and another setback would be, not many percentage of people really use an Ubuntu Linux.

The project can easily be killed if Microsoft could grasp the idea and combine their Windows phone and Windows computer successfully. Nevertheless, it is not a bad thing for Ubuntu to try the smartphone OS market. They're even a step ahead of Firefox OS.

For those who have Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4, why don't you try and install the new OS. This is the link. From the looks of the instructions, it doesn't look very difficult. Just don't forget to save and backup all your data, especially the original Android OS. It will come handy when you're bored with the Ubuntu Touch OS.

I just can't wait for one of these new OSes to become matured. Android has been around for quite some time, they should have be very very stable, reliable and fast but it doesn't. So somebody, let it Ubuntu Touch or Firefox OS should step in and show Google the right way to do it. 

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