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Friday, 4 October 2013

HTC First Ever Quarterly Loss

Has has made a net loss of USD 100 million in three months to September. Some say that the company might heading the same way as Nokia and Blackberry. The launch of new products has so far failed to trigger a recovery for HTC.

In another report stated that HTC has lost 90% of its value in 2 years. It's not that it doesn't come out with great devices, it's just that the competition is too harsh. The Taiwan company came out with HTC One, a great and sturdy phone, comparable to iPhone lineups. 

Well look at it, the design is sleek. If I'm going to buy an Android phone, it's definitely going to be the HTC One. At first glance, it looks like a Windows phone, but who would've thought Android could look that beautiful. It also has a Beats by Dr Dre audio, a very welcome edition to a smartphone. 

Maybe its just a marketing mishaps, or maybe Android users has been stuck with the idea of Samsung is the leader in Android Smartphones. HTC didn't come out with a worthy competitor to Samsung Galaxy S3, and now they're paying the price. 

It is sad to see if this company going under. With Nokia has been sold to Microsoft, and Blackberry has been valued and might be available to be bought or merge. Seeing another technology company is not a very pretty sight. 

It's good to see several company racing and competing with each to be the best. It will definitely benefit users with all the choices of devices.

-- update --

HTC One named 'Phone of the year' at T3 Gadget Award (link)(link).

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