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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Advertisement News Panel TV (Part 1)

Several of my colleague and I were selected during a meeting to jubilate my office building. We were asked to make the office more employee friendly, and at the same time encouraging them to be happy to come to work. 

"Team Keceriaan" was formed. Like any decoration team would do, we decided to put some plants inside the building, some paintings, etc. Same ol same ol... Then I came in and suggested to buy new TV, a PS4 and many many gadgets for the faculty.

Ideas came pouring about making an advertisement LCD panel. I checked Chromecast, Apple TV and all sorts. It was not suitable because it won't be as secure as we wanted it to be. Then I started to ask around. I looked at the library and asked them about their ad TV system and all. 

Their system costed a lot. RM10000 (USD3000) for the software, and RM800 (USD270) for each computer behind the TV. I just keep their system in view.

Then we got some bad news. The budget being cut! Now the system that the library used is out of the question. So I have to find a way to cut the price. Or else, we would need to cancel the advertisement news panel TV altogether. 

I've found a solution... I'll update about it later in my next post.

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