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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Advertisement News Panel TV (Part 2)

... continued from previous post.

The solution for my previous problem comes in a size of a credit card. It is a small computer called Raspberry Pi (RPi or Pi). I've never played with the gadget before, however knowing that it can run a Linux, I'm pretty sure by giving some time and effort, it can run everything I desire.

Raspberry Pi model B.

So I purchased one online. Purchasing a RPi is quite tricky. If you're from an institution or company, you can buy it directly from element 14 (official international main delaer). If you're buying as an individual, you need to find a dealer. Finding a dealer is quite difficult, but I finally got one via online store. 

Once received, I immediately hook it up to my living room TV with HDMI, plug in the wired LAN, keyboard and mouse and voila, it is up and running the installer in no time. I installed several OS onto it to find the best solution for my requirements.

Tested for several days and by looking to the need, I uninstalled all other OS and just stick with Raspbian (Raspberry Pi + Debian) Linux. It works like a charm. I'll write more about the settings in the future. 

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