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Monday, 23 June 2014

Basic Requirements for Raspberry Pi

Once you got your hands with a Raspberry Pi model B, the first thing you have to do is to make sure you have all the things that you want to use. In my case of making an advertisement/notice panel, the requirements are as follows

What you'll need
  1. SD Card - I recommend an 8GB class 4 SD card
  2. Display & connectivity cable - Any HDMI/DVI monitor and any TV should work as a display for the Pi. (You'll need a HDMI-DVI converter if you're using DVI)
  3. Keyboard and mouse - Any standard USB keyboard and mouse will work with your Raspberry Pi. (Pre-paired keyboard and mouse can also be used)
  4. Power supply 
    • The Pi is powered by a USB Micro power supply (like most standard mobile phone chargers) 
    • You'll need a good-quality power supply that can supply at least 700mA at 5V. 
    • Low ampage (~700mA) power supplies will work for basic usage, but are likely to cause the Pi to reboot if it draws too much power.
  5. Something for the Network
    • Ethernet (network) cable - An Ethernet cable is used to connect your Pi to a local network and the internet - OR - 
    • USB wireless dongle - Alternatively, you can connect to a wireless network using a USB wireless dongle, which will require configuration.
  6. Speakers are needed if you're not using HDMI connection.
If you have all of the above, you can start the Operating Systems installation. 

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