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Monday, 7 October 2013

MacBook Air 13" or MacBook Pro 13"

An acquaintance of mine asked me to compare between MacBook Air 13" and MacBook Pro 13". I asked him back, what is he going to do with the computer? What he actually looks in a computer? Portability or performance?

My short answer is, if you wanted a highly portable Mac, get a MacBook Air. If you wanted a high performance MacBook, get a MacBook Pro. Apple has been making it easy for their customer to choose between their computers. 
  • Performance + Portable = MacBook Pro.
  • Casual + Portable = MacBook Air.
  • Performance + Stationary = Mac Pro.
  • Casual + Stationary = Mac mini or iMac.

Maybe I misunderstood his question. Maybe he wanted to ask me to compare between a fully revved up version of MacBook Air and a base entry level MacBook Pro. Well, that is a different question. However, my answer remains the same. Casual = MacBook Air, Performance = MacBook Pro. 

This is simply because the CPU inside the models is different. MacBook Pros usually have a higher CPU speed than the MacBook Air. Other than that, the design of the whole MacBook is different. MacBook Pro can do more processing before the fan kicks in, while MacBook Air's fan will start earlier. 

This means that it was designed to withstand and dissipate more heat than a MacBook Air. Some of you might think that fan noise is not a big matter. However, in my opinion, doing things with a loud fan sound for a long period of time is not an ideal workplace environment. 

Now I just have to wait and see what is he going to buy from the Apple store. However I won't be surprised if I found out that his next computer is going to be another Windows machine. Those ultrabooks look very nice anyways. 

Thanks for reading my rambles.

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