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Friday, 25 October 2013

4K Resolution, Do You Need It?

4K resolution is the latest thing in television and display technology. Unlike previous technologies, the name 4K implies to the amount of horizontal pixels shown on the display not the vertical pixels like people always thought. A 4K display has 3840 horizontal pixels (There is also 8K displays with 7680 pixels). 

Roughly it is like putting 4 1080p displays' pixel onto one display. The cramming of the pixels leads to having an ultra high definition, which is very very sharp. The differences might not have been noticed with naked eye if you're 2-3 meters away from the screen.

The 1080p has been a standard for quite some time now. Television and display manufacturers have to find a way to make people buy new TVs. Their previous lobby on 3D TVs was unsuccessful, people seems not very keen to wear a 3D glasses just to watch TV. Especially for people who have already needed to wear glasses to see, adding another glasses in front of them just not feasible.

cramming approx. 4 1080p's into one display

There were also no-glasses 3D technology being developed, however the technology only limits to several viewing point only. No company were ready to gamble on that technology, therefore they have to find another technology to show to customers.

Even though 4K might seem to be too much, I think that it will be a good technology to invest to, provided that you're going to buy a 50 inches or bigger display. However, do wait for 4K Blu rays (which allows 100GB storage), or else what you'll get is just and upscaled 1080p pictures.

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